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Choose between our two different types of wood selected for our bat-making process.

We have recently upgraded wood suppliers and now are making our bats out of hand-split billets. When the billets are split by hand, it ensures the cuts are made with, not against, the grain. This ensures that we send the customer the strongest wood possible. 


Maple: The hardest wood. Maple is very dense, meaning it is less "forgiving" than other types of wood. Will break a bit easier if the hitter makes contact with the ball on the handle, or the very end of the bat. However, many hitters choose maple because it is believed to have the most "pop" and lets out a beautiful "crack" sound upon contact.


Yellow Birch: Birch is a "forgiving" wood, that will not flake. Many experienced hitters agree that birch has "pop" similar to that of maple, while still being able to "flex" to avoid breaking when the hitter misses the barrel.



We're glad you asked. 

Are you a player? Swinging with wood in the cages or during the off season can help you train for your regular, metal bat season. Of course, wood is not hollow like your metal or composite bat, which means it can be a little more difficult to get through the hitting zone. Increase your strength and bat speed by swinging with wood! 

Hitting with wood also allows you to feel what the pro players feel when they hit, and nothing beats the loud "crack" of a ball hit on the barrel of a wood bat. Hitting with wood is just plain fun.

Not a player? A customized wood bat would make a great gift for the baseball player in your life. With our length, feel, color and engraving options you can design a bat that is perfect for your hitter. There aren't too many gift ideas better than a custom-engraved wood bat!

Still need a reason to buy from us? How about the obvious one- Price! 

We sell our custom bats for 30% - 40% less than other bat companies. 

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