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Bat Models

110 Model - This model is the most popular bat we produce. This is our default model. If a customer orders a bat and does not specify which model he/she would like, we make it a 110. The 110 is about as close to a metal bat as a wood bat can get in terms of the balanced feel. Barrel size- 2.5 in. Handle size- 1 in.

271 Model - This model is very similar to the 110. The big difference is the handle on the 271 will be a bit more thin than the 110. This is what gives it a slight end loaded feel. Barrel size- 2.5 in. Handle size- 15/16 in.

i13 Model- The i13 in know for its big barrel and skinny handle. Of course, this contributes to the end-loaded feel that a lot of power hitters enjoy. It is a bit easier to break an i13 compared to a 271 or 110, as thin handle and large barrel bats often do when the ball strikes too far below the barrel. the i13 is certainly a model for the more experienced hitter. Barrel size- 2.57 in. Handle size- 15/16 in.

At Ox Wood Bat Co, we do our best to make our bats exactly how our customer wants. Call us and we can discuss exactly which wood type and bat model would be the best fit for you! 

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