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Custom Baseball Bats

Custom Baseball Bats Guide

At Ox Wood Bat Company, we make it easy for you to create the custom wood bat you’ve always wanted. Simply use our online customizer to help you create your very own beautiful, custom bat. Start by choosing between maple or birch for your wood type. Next, you can select the barrel color. You can choose between a stain or paint. If you wish to go with the stain look, you will still be able to see some of the wood grain underneath whichever color stain you choose. The paint will go on a bit thicker and will cover up the grain underneath. After you choose the barrel color, you can choose another custom color for the handle. Whether it’s the same color or a contrasting color, you can once again select between a wood stain or painted finish. You’re also able to add custom engraving to your new bat, so be sure to use this feature to add a phrase, player name, or team name to the barrel. The engraving will be small and shallow and will NOT negatively impact the integrity of the bat.

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