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Custom Maple Bats

The Benefits of Our Custom Maple Bats and Custom Birch Bats

Whether you consider yourself a seasoned baseball player or you’re just starting out, the type of bat you use can make a difference in your performance at the plate. Even young players can benefit from swinging our custom maple bats as it will help them train for the regular season when they will go back to using their metal bats. Because the barrel of a wood bat is more dense than the hollow barrel of a metal bat, the hitter will be increasing his or her strength which is crucial to increasing bat speed and power. 

The result is that you’ll be a better baseball player when the season begins. Whether you choose one of our maple or custom birch bats, hitting with wood allows the player to feel what it’s like for the pro hitters. Squaring one up and hearing the crack of the bat is a rewarding, authentic experience. You can also give one of our custom maple bats as a gift to the baseball player in your life. Our bats are completely customizable, allowing you to choose your desired length, color, feel, and unique custom engraving options.

Aside from the quality and ability to create your own custom birch bats, all of our bats are sold for between 15 to 25 percent less than many other bat companies. We’ve also recently upgraded our wood suppliers, and now our bats are made out of hand-split billets. When these billets are split by hand, it means that each wood billet is cut with the grain and not against it. The result is that you’re buying a bat made with some of the strongest wood possible, ensuring durability and a longer lifespan.

If you choose maple, this type of wood is the hardest wood types available. It’s less forgiving than other types of wood, which does mean it might break a bit easier if the hitter makes contact with the ball towards the handle or the end of the bat. Most players love our custom maple bats thanks to the beautiful pop and crack sound it makes when it comes in contact with the ball. If you choose a birch bat,  you will find that this wood type is more forgiving and will be a bit more durable than maple. Birch will harden as the wood fibers compress (the more hits on it, the better). 

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