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30% Off Display Bats and Heavy Trainers

Hi everyone,

We currently have 20-30 billets in stock that are too heavy to machine into game bats. These billets will make awesome display/trophy bats. Let us know how we can make your display bat idea happen!

Also, heavy training bats are currently gaining a ton of popularity. If you visit Driveline Baseball on the web, you will see plenty of data suggesting that players are achieving significant increases in performance by training with heavy bats. These bats are usually in the range of 33-36 oz. These type of trainers should only be used by experienced players who may be looking to increase strength and exit velocity. If interested in an Ox Wood Heavy Bat, add a display bat to your cart. Then, under the "Add a note" box, simply type "Trainer" and we will know to make you the heavy bat instead of a display bat!

Use DISCOUNT CODE: DISPLAY30 for 30% off your order!

Have a great week everyone!


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