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Ox Wood Bat Co.'s Most Popular Products

Ox Wood Followers,

With the publishing of our new website, we will begin to participate in some blog postings. Some posts will include information about whats going on with Ox Wood, some will involve asking questions to discover customer preferences, and some will be just about the game of baseball in general. We often receive questions concerning which of our products sell the most, so how about we make that the topic of our first blog post?

Not surprisingly, the most popular Ox Wood item sold in its first year of operation was the custom maple game bat. 7 out of 10 customers seem to have chosen maple over birch as their wood of choice. This ratio doesn't differ all that much from the percentage of big league hitters that also choose to hit with maple- about 80%.

Perhaps a little more surprising to us was the item that was the 2nd most popular product sold this past year- the customized coach's fungo. Many may not know what a fungo is, so I will give a quick rundown. A fungo is bat (used mostly by coaches) that is a few inches longer, yet much lighter, than an ordinary game bat. Both the handle and the barrel are turned at a smaller diameter than normal bats, making it light and easy to carry around. A huge benefit to the coach or parent that hits hundreds of ground balls or fly balls to their players each week.

We have sent out custom fungos to multiple high schools and colleges. We have also received a lot of interest from parents who enjoy hitting to their kids in order to improve their skill set on the defensive side. High school and college coaches mostly prefer to have their team logo engraved on the barrel, while parents usually prefer to save a few bucks and order the "stock fungo" with no engravings.

Custom fungos are $98. Stock fungos are $78. If you'd like to order a fungo of your own, give us a shout at!


Justin Fletcher

Ox Wood Bat Co- Owner

Northern Illinois University Custom Fungos

Limestone High School Custom Fungos

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