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What Makes Us Unique

Hi all,

Growth is a top concern for just about any and every company in operation today. No matter how enormous they are already, public corporations need to grow to continue to satisfy shareholders. The nonprofit entities look to expand and grow in order to better serve the people in need of their services. Small businesses, like us, need to continue growing to support the lifestyles and basic needs of our families.

But growth is not a given. We can't just rent a garage, buy a lathe, and make bats the same way the big bat companies operate. Their machines are top of the line, expensive, and able to produce hundreds, if not thousands, of bats each day. But that doesn't mean we can't grow- we just have to work harder for it. We have to be more creative in the way we set ourselves apart from other companies. It won't be easy, but I have a hunch that what makes us stand out the most will help spur growth for Ox Wood.

How many other bat companies leave a cell phone number in their Contact Us page? Not many. Of those that do make it easy to text or call the company, how many of them can say the same person talking to you on the phone about your bat needs is also the one who is actually making your bat? That has to eliminate most other companies right there. BUT, if there are other companies out there that you can text or call anytime throughout the day, 7 days a week, AND allow you to talk directly to the bat maker, how many can say the bat maker has spent 20-plus years of his life playing the game of baseball? We understand the importance of doing the little things right. We will work with you to go the extra mile to ensure you receive an Ox Wood bat that you LOVE.

That's what we can offer our customers. You have questions about your order? Shoot us a text. Do you have special requests pertaining to how you like the handle on your bats? How about a question on the custom barrel engravings? No problem. Give us a quick call and we can discuss EXACTLY how you would like your bat crafted.

Thanks for being a part of the growth of this company! Let us know if there's anything we can do for you. Check us out at


Ox Wood Bat Co- Owner

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